Samstag, 30. April 2016

30 A thing I am looking forward to

the last day in the writer's challenge, has a nice subject, a good closure of a month full of revelations and emotions.  
One thing I am excited for

I am excited for my daughter, who will become mother soon.
I am excited for her, even if we have no contact, I look forward to August, when I become 'grandpa'. I love the idea, and I reckon that I might not see my grandchild. Sadness aside, I am excited that Anne (that's her name) becomes to see what it is to be a parent, the responsibilities, and for all the joy and being as imperfect as possible. :-)

A well organised life does not always fit with a life with children, and as child it is easy to judge, to tell your parents that they are wrong or should act different.
I did that as well, nowadays I feel sorry for what my parents have had gone through with me. But, I am me, and what is done is done. I don't look back, I look forward. Every day is a new begin.

And, who knows, if the day comes that I can see my grandchild in his eyes, a complete circle of life will be closed.

I never give up hope, I do wish my daughter a happy mothership, and when it is possible, I should like to see a tiny part of it as well. And I think I go to copy this and save it, so that she can read it, one day :)

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