Sonntag, 10. April 2016

Fruit I don't like

10/30  - fruit I don't like

Aaaargh...  Tticky, tricky

I love all fruit. 

From bananas til greapfruit, apples, pears you name it, I like it. Not that I eat it too often, but when, I like a fresh kiwi, and how about a big piece of water melon? Mmmmh, yes, I love fruit.

What I not love in fruit is the modern 'super market'  fruit. Somehow it all tastes like water with a tiny bit of flavour, wrapped in a thing that looks like an apple, tomato or what more.

Where are the times that an apple tasted like an apple, where you really had to bite and what tasted sour and tasty? Where are the pears that did all lok different, in comparance with the cloned fruits that we find on sale?

I get my fruit at the market, once a week, on Saturday. That fruit comes from local farmers. You are even encouraged to come to pick the strawberries, cherries and so on. They do not look all identic. They do not taste all the same. That is fruit, ladies and gentlemen. :)

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