Donnerstag, 8. November 2018


Every now and then I get a bit irritated by people, that find it necessary, to point to my bad German.grammar.
As if I don't know it by myself! Geesh!

Instead of staying with the subject, and trying to understand what I write, 'those people' find it funny (or need) to tell me that I should work at my language. Well, I am not discussing in photogroups,to get my master, either in German, English or in chinese.

And when I am joining a discussion, no matter what, I do not need to hear about my lack of knowledge of the language, as long as we are able to talk, ask and react at each other, we all can reach a point on what we do understand each other.
I love to learn, and I love to be corrected, and I know sweet people who do so, if needed (you know who you are <3 ...="" 4="" :="" a="" about="" advice="" air.="" amd="" and="" anymore="" as="" ask="" b="" be="" before="" better="" beware="" but="" by="" can="" class="separator" cook="" correct="" don="" effort="" end="" explain="" feel="" finger="" first="" for="" funny="" good="" got="" grateful="" help="" helpful="" helping="" how="" hurted="" i="" if="" in="" is="" it.="" it="" joke="" just="" kindly="" kiss="" know.="" l="" langauges="" language....="" language.="" language="" lasagna="" lessons.="" like="" long="" make="" making="" me="" middle="" mind="" my="" myself.="" need="" never="" not="" of="" okay="" on="" oody="" opposite.="" over.="" p="" persons="" pointing="" ranting.="" reacht="" really="" remarks="" right.="" say="" should="" so="" someone="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;" such="" swear="" t="" take="" talk="" tell="" that="" the="" thing="" those="" time="" to="" try="" trying="" use="" very="" we="" what="" when="" will="" wirtes="" wonderful.="" word="" you="" yours="">

Samstag, 3. November 2018


Who knows me a bit, knows, that I am not always good in tact, and diplomatic words.

I am emotional, and I am standing for what I think, even when that means that I am the only one.

People like me for that, people hate me for that, and that is very good, I do not want to be friends with everyone. For me a 'happy limited circle'  means more then zillions of dust corns in space.

Some people do not like me, and they are questioning my friends, why they are still friends with me, even when I have such a strong opinion.
And when someone calls me a hard liner, they might be true in it!  You not need to tell me what to do, or what not!
If I do not want to see a Queen movie, it will not help when you say that it is an awesome movie. It might even help more, if you say that you not like all the parts of it.

People can name me names, that is fine.  The people who know me,  who I really am, give me names as well. And those names, I cherish.  I love it, when you call me planet, satty, hansi(e), well, you know the names yourself :)
And I do not walk away when we disagree. I even can call you a bad name, and still be friends.  And I think it is because we are friends, that we can call each other that way.   I remember, my very dear friend who calls me b@stard, and I called him Idiot :) Or when someone calls you Bert, and you tell him he is Ernie.
Call me a hard liner, and I prove you that I am not.  But only when you are a friend. Someone who I trust.
And if you call me a hard liner, because you do not want to hurt the person that dislikes me, then you might not be a friend of me, even when you believe you are.

Pfew.  I go to post this, and then go to sleep. I will see if this makes sense, tomorrow.  The delete button is not far away.  :)


Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2018


I discussed it often here,  and I do it again.

It's about friends.

Friends at Facebook. The counter is aver 400, at the moment.  Seriously?  So many friends?  Wow...

Well, I can bring arguements, why some people are on it. Some have double accounts, some are there because they are 'sharing the same hobby or intrests.  And some at the list are there, because they are real.
I notice the difference, that I miss them, when they are not around, that I leave (and get) a message, now and then.   They are there, just like that. And I am there, for them, as well.

That latest category, are the people where I live for, where I care for. That are also the poeple, that I do NOT let go, wehn they do something what, in my eyes, is wrong.  I dare to say to them, that they are idiots (in this case I used a more bad word, lol).  Not to shock them, or to tell them to back off.  No, this is for real. Because I care. Because they hurt, with their behavior.  And no, I will NOT be nice to you, when I do not feel like. Because... you are my friend!  I trust you so much, that I dare to be true to you. When I disagree with you, you will know it!  As much as I expect from you, that you say when something that I do, is not going well. It's okay!
 It hurts, a bit, but I know why it happens, and in the end I can be grateful that you did act to me this way.  Or, like now, that I did tell you that!   Now, with the things all back into peace, you said thank you.  Well, you not need to be grateful, for me swearing at you, as long as you know that I think different then you!

When someone posts photos on line, with a person on it, that is really someone, that I can not stand, for very good reasons, then that hurts. Then I can tell the other, don't post that anymore, it hurts me. It is up to the other, to see if he wants to delete the photo or not, but I say what I think about it. I do not lie, everyone should know how I think and who I like and who not!  I like the photographer, but not the person he made photos of! And that will not change, even when (coincidence or not) I met the subject at the poto, and said hello to him (and he said it back). Nooooooooo way. Some people are not done.  And I will never say a bad word about that person, in public. Just becasuse I do not care enough, he is not worth a fight.
Other then friends, they are worth it!

I think that this is the best way to live together. Be clear to the other. Dare to say the trutth. Do not be afraid for loosing the other.  how many friends at your 'friends list'  at facebook, you can say such, without loosing them?   If I look to my list, I am sure that I might loose more as half of the people, if I did so.  Maybe I should :) :)

Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2018

No Hate

I think we all agree.

No hate should be normal. No one should need to out himself, to spaak that we want no hate.
Unfortunately some world leaders are using it as arguement, to gain their power.  They violate against people that they think that are weak, to gain their own strength.  Not only rude and unfair, but dumb as well.

When some 'so called leaders'  do such, and get (short term) success with it, it is not strange that people to the same.  There is always someone, or something, that we not agee with and hate is much more easy then a dialogue.

What to do, if people, that you see daily, preach hate?
Do I hate people?

I hate racism. I hate nazism. And a lot more, what I hate.
People that  stand for Nazism, Racism, for disrepect, are supporting a system that I hate.  I don't want that. I do want everyone to know that I do NOT support those ideas.
Consequently I can not be friends with such people.
I can not be friends with people that disrespect others, for where they come from, who they are.

And, if we meet, on line, in groups, I will make crystal clear that I hate their ideas.
When I meet those people in the street, I will not let my anger go at them.  I refuse to use violence against them.
I meet them, I know who they are, the self announced patriots, the nazis, the reichsbürger, the scum.
But they are, just like we all, living here. I will show them where I stand for, and that I do NOT make compromises.
I will  greet those persons, friendly, but from a distance.  When possible, I will not share a table with them. And if, I will be clear in my position, against hate, against discurimination, and so more.

The biggest problem are not the people, in the street, but the ideas, that they try to realize.  We not need to blame others, to point to them as the cause of evil. Therefore we have  the law.
We need people that work, together, and show that the only way to live together, is to work together.
I want to have that chance.  And I am willing to fight for this freedom, for all of us.

Love is the answer.  Not hate.

Montag, 8. Oktober 2018

Do not accept ...


It is that time again. The hoaxes fly like falling leaves through Facebook, and so many join the nonsense.

Do not accept a friendship request from me, this is my only account.

People....   relax :)

It sometimes happens, that people try to copy accounts from others, true. And then this message is legal and needed.  I had the same, at a moment that someone used my name and id.  There are ways to get that solved.
Further, you  should not underestimate your friends. People can see when you are active, and with what account. When people make a new account,  just  communicate shortly in private messages, to find out who is who.

The present Facebook storm repeats itselves every few months. It is not only irritating, to find  many times the same message in the 'news feed', but it is as well not needed.  Use such messages, if you are 100 percent sure that it s happening to you.
Do not use it 'just to be safe'.  Because spreading this cr..p, makes others taking your warnings less serious.   You will get less response when you really need it.

Think.. write your post (don't copy!!!), and think again, if you really need to post it.

Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2018

World animal day

October 4th, world animal day.

And how do we celebrate that?

When I was a young kid, I had little idea about it. In school the teacher showed us an animal, or we went to visit an animal zoo (most likely the cache with parkeets in the park).
Then already I did not like animals that are cached up, but I had no nightmares about it.
When my children were young, this day was always special.  The children brought their animal in school, and they became a favorite snack.
Now I think, maybe the animals got into stress, from this, but for the children, it was a good moment to realize that they have pets and that they  love animals.  And our cats never had really  traumas because of it :)

Nowadays, I see more and more people 'celebrating'  world animal day with petitions and suggestions, like 'No meat today'.  
Okay.. Everyone can hav his/her own opinion in this.   Ehm. that should be the end of this blog... and that is booooring, so I add my opinion about that.

It irritates me, when people put up that kind of reminders.
I think that we should have a free choice, in how we live. When we want to eat meat, fine, when not, also fine. For both optiions there are legal arguements!

A World Animal Day is good. Not only to celebrate your own animals, but as well to take a look at the animals that are not this lucky and live under horrible circumstances.  Not only in 'meat factories', but for example, in exiles in Rumania (and all over the world), where  the conditions are heartbraking and the live of the pets is horrible.

And of course this all needs attention, and I should wish that everyone takes care, then it should not happen.  There are many ways to support animal protection and the best ways are, when people help,  it is in our nature.

I dislike organisations like PETA, who use violence to gain their targets.  For me the 'eat no meat' (and similar petitions are compareable with this violence.  They do not convice anyone from changing their attitude to animals!

Everybody should have his or her own choice to help.  Just DO it!  Support your local Animal rescue, donate for castrations of wild cats and dogs,
Eat less meat, buy from local butchers.  But if you only do it today, then you can leave it, it is useless! Think before you buy your food.
Realize that when you buy 1 kilo of Spare Ribs, that it most likely means that the animal has not have a great llfe.  At our local Butcher it costs double, but you may know where it comes from, and that the welfare of the animals is proved (and guaranteed).  Yes, then I take half a kilo of it, that won't hurt me.  A bit more money for your meal, and a much more healthy piece of food at your plate, is a good alternative.

And in the mean time.  Give your dog or cat  that extra treat, today. (is it vegan?  Just asking.. for a fiend :-D )
  I am sure he will love it much more then when you dress him with a party hat, because that gives you some  likes.

The plan is to eat a hamburger tonight.  And I delete the messages that tell me to eat no meat today.  Because I care!

Sonntag, 30. September 2018

One Night stand

We are living in a crazy world.

I do not knkow if it is much different then, say, 20, 30 years ago, or longer, but since we are able to know literarily everything what happens in the world, we get a load more information as well.

In my youth (what is longer ago then 30 years, lol), we did not hear too much about what was happening in the world. Yes, we had television, I remember the murders at Martin Luter King and JFK very well, as well as the landing on the moon.
Later I also read the conspiracy theories about it.

This morning, the social madia are full about the love declaration, of a man who calls himself president (I refuse to mention his name!), and the leader of North Korea (ditto).
He wrote me such beautiful letters, I fell in love with him.

What a shout out huh?

And what a moment to do so.
Short before the ellections in the US, this idiot is tellng things that no one  can (or shall) prove, as he is doing always.
The sexist, rapist, and homophobist, now declares his love for a man. A man that does not give a sh...t about what the so called leader of the US is doing.

Agent Orange is a man who constantly proves that he hates feminism, hates gay people, hates people that opposite him, and who not even notice that the world is not taking him serious, when all UNO leaders laugh him out.
And that disgusting person, now tries to find sympathy with the layer of the population, that he has doomed the past years?  Look to the facts, who he wans to  be not serving the army!  Exactly.

Don't believe the propaganda. This joker is exactly what he is. A laugh. No one in the world takes him serious.

To return to my micro world. I sadly have experiencced how it is to be friends with a narcist (what this fake leader is as well).  They are not capable to see their own mistakes. It is always the other, to blame,. It makes their own world a bit more easy.  But it makes the world of their friends, and who really cares, to a hell.

Enough said.
I want you all to be happy. Love each other. But do not fake it, because, sooner or later, you will be kicked off and leave others in a very sad  way behind.