Freitag, 8. April 2016

8/30 a book I love and one I didn't

Today's challenge is a true challenge, because how should I choose a book that I love, while I love so many books?

Let me start to say that I do not know the answer at the book I didn't love.  There are a few that I never finished, but most of them are forgotten and faded away. I tend to enjoy the books that I love, and can read them again and again.  There is one book what I can remember that I didn't like and that is the last issue of Harry Potter (the deadly hollows).  I think the story ends too rude, too many unsolved things in it.  Nevermind, I return to the book I love.

First thought was  Lord of the Rings, especially the first book. Everyone should know the saga of Frodo and Sam, if not it really is a loss.
I thought through my history of books, Robert Ludlum and Jeffrey Deaver came up, with their breath taking adventures, books that I read in a few days, and for what everything else must wait :-).  The Dragon riders of Pern (Anne McAffrey) are awesome and the story of Jamie Fraser, the Highlander Saga, is as well very much worth to read. Oh, and the vampire range of Anne Rice... Just to name a few!

I am blessed with a partner that loves to read. a lot.  And I mean a lot.  She often brings me in contact with new authors and books of what she tells me that I should read them. It is thanks to her that I started to read the books from Josh Lanyon. 

It are crime stories that contain (love) affairs between men.  My favorite at the moment .
..  A book that I love, 
also is  'the mermaid's murders.
The book is well written, but what it lifts far above the other good books is the description of the main persons and the change from hate to affection between the two men. 
Josh describes the feelings and emotions from the main persons so well, that you very soon 'have to'  get feelings for them. They are becoming not just names in a novel, they are real.  I look forward to read the next story of Sam and Jason, and I should recommend you to read one of the books of Josh. I am sure that you will not regret it.

And beware he (well, she, in fact)  writes many books, so if you get infected with this, what is good possible, then you might loose your time in reading. There are worse things, I guess!

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