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12/30 Two words or phrases that make you laugh

Day 12 in the writer's challenge
Two words or phrases that make you laugh

Words or phrases that make me laugh, there are many of them, because I love to laugh and I see the humor in many things. Even when I need to be serious, I more then one time am making a joke of it. 

And there you have it

That is one of my all time favorite phrases. Many of you will recognize it from a song, and if you do, then you know why this makes me laughing. Isn't it funny that laughter and sadness are so close to eachother?
The song where I took this words out, the clip, it are the last things that we ever did get from Freddie, and it is heartbreaking to realize the fun that this man gave us, while he was suffering so much.  Not many shall be able to do so.
A many do enjoy this song, this line, as much as me.

When an entertainer knows that he has not much time, and he gives his best for his audience..  And when it *is the best, well..  Do I need to say more?

Other words that I like, pardon if my language is rude, but for me who has not english as mother tongue this might sound far less evil as for english speaking people.
The words fuckwits everywhere, to describe a situation in what people act unbelieveable, mostly in a bad way. Ha, those situations of course happen often, and then we come up with those words again.

My all time favorite 'two words'  are the ones that I share with my best friend, who is suffering so much, and, when he is not hospitalized, he loves fun and happiness as much as me.
When we take a drink, we say to eachother 'merry christmas' . And then we know the story of our life that we share, the load behind it. His love for horses, his struggle with life, my struggle with life, our mutual madness, and for all, our friendship without words.

So, my darlings, there you have it, my favorite words, next to love and happiness

I still love you

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