Freitag, 22. April 2016

22 Morning Routine

Today was not a usual morning routine!

Since I have the privilege that I have not a 9 to 5 job, it can happen that days are out of routine, and today was one.  Consequently I visited more doctors today then in the past decade. LOL.  You can feel the relieve now it is done?  :-)

Anyway, back to where it is about in this writer's challenge.

The daily morning routine is like this

Each morning I wake up, mostly at 6, that is one hour before the alarm is going to beep.

After the stunble to the bathroom I pick up my iPad and read about what I have missed during the night.  Mostly it are a few reactions at my good night mesage.What is a bit silly, to read them when I just woke up :) 
Reading the news and then automatically my eyes drop down, and I sleep 5 seconds when the alarm goes and I am fully broken, even more tired then when I went to bed.
Alarm out, realizing where I am, stumbling to the kitchen, putting on the toaster and the kettle, then jumping under the shower.
Wakening up, feeling like a new man, I walk to the kitchen, usually singing and forgetting that my better half still is asleep.
On the other hand, can you imagine someting better then wakeining up with someone singing Queen songs 'over the top'?  :) 
I prepare lunch boxes and breakfast, while listening to the radio. I look out of the window, (ah, so nice that it is light again in the morning) checking the weather and see if I need to make plans. 

Then it is time to socialize.  TV on, watching the crimes of past evening and talking a bit. When my better half turns to work, I switch on the Computer and check my mails. Often there follow some calls, and some checks of servers, so that websites run nicely again.

 There might be a meeting, digital or in real. Around 11 I take a break, do something in the household and this way the morning ends. Usually I then wonder where all the hours went to, and I promise myself to be more efficient in the afternoon.  Well, lsucky this scribble is not about the rest of the day :) LOL. 

That's it for now folks, :), More tomorrow.

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