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20.  Run your music player on shuffle and write the first 3 songs that play and what your initioal thought is

Well,  Music is my first love, and it will be my last. So this 'writer's challenge'  is a really nice one. The songs that came out are
* AC/DC  Thunderstruck
* Ian Hunter - still love rock and roll
* Cheap Trick - Need your love

And my initial thoughts with this?   
Well, I love rock and roll! :) 

Coincidence (or not?) that AC/DC came out first, the band that is 'hot news' at the moment. Some people are excited about the new frontman, I am not. For me it means the end of the area of AC/DC. 

Another drummer, another guitar player, another singer,..  Well, some should say, AC/DC is Agnus Young, but I disagree with that!
Brian Johnson had the impossible task to take over a legend in the group and he did that in a fabulous way, all those years. AC/DC was unique, their music always recogniseable and on the top.
Even tho I loved Guns n Roses, in their old line up, with Slash, and I still think that Axl was a great performer, one of the better, that is definitely a blast from the past. It is an illusion to think that it will work out, I am sure that stone hard rock n rollers will quit with me.  Enough said of this,, don't get me started :)  hehe

Ian Hunter, well, no need to introduce him as well, I think. A fantastic performer, still, and his highlight were sure with Mottt the Hoople in the early 70's. Yes, this is pretty much Queen related, how I became known with their music. I never regretted it. There is still a cd in my cabinet what has both signatures from Ian and Brian.  LOL, sounds like a comic :)

Third, but not last, another rock and roll classic, from the unbeatable album Live at Budokan. The group around the blond singer Robin Zander and the fully nuts Rick Nielsen. Still kicking ass. 

All those 3 groups did survive the age of time, and are around for more then 30 years., and I have their original albums at vinyl. Need to say more?

Long live rock and roll 

(and bonus points for who recognizes all the songs that I mentioned, that were not the first 3 on the shuffle but playing while I was writing :)  

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