Montag, 4. April 2016

4/30 10 Intresting facts about myself

10 intresting facts about myself.

The 4th day in the writer's challenge and what a subject it is!
First of all I was a bit confused about what we have to do
10 intresting facts, okay, but for who they are intresting?  Are my daily routines or habbits, what are so normal for me, probably intresting for others? 

I can't imagine someone is intrested in the colour of my socks (black)  or the fact that my toe nail is looking weird, but when you are a feet fettisch, such might be intresting.

Point is, I have no idea who you are, who is reading this, so what do you find intresting on me?

I think I tell simply a few common things about myself. Who is following me at Facebook, or even longer, might know a lot of me already. Good, no longer babbling. Okay, the babbling will be longer, this is in the end a writing challenge.
Not a poetry challenge. 
I love to write poetry(1),  as long as I can remember.  

I am a silent person and in school I often was the thinker (2),  and I did not always agree with the things that we had to do.  I am a person that asks why, and, if the answer is not satisfying me, I try to figure out why that is, and if I have an alternative what works as well.

I had not an easy time at school, but when I could write, behind my little wall, it was fine.
I continued to write when I discovered the music.  I am a huge Queen fan (3), but next to it I love a lot of other music. I spent a big deal of my money in music (4), I can not count the times that I was laying in my sleeping bag before the ticket office, to assure myself from good tickets.

Or before the record shop, to be sure to have the first release of another LP or single (vinyl was not cool, but just the only thing to get).

My music brought me a lot of friends, especially Queen friends. I was a llong time member from the Queen fanclub and did correspond with people worldwide, from America to Russia. This was in fact the prelude to what soon afterwards became the digital world.
Can you imagine, I disliked computers?  Well, I really did (5).  I was working in the health care, loved to work with people and told that I never should want to work with a machine. Back to human (to stay in Queen lines, I never can be serious longer then 10 minutes in a row (6), really!)
Times changed, jobs changed, I had my children, a boy and a girl (7) and I was offered a computer course in the very early days. There was no windows, yet, there was a kind of internet, called ARP, what just became public, after that it was developed for defence services.
I loved it, and I found a job in it, where I could combine my care for human and the work with computers, when I started working at UNICEF.  It was a wonderful time, and even there I was able to combine my wrtiting, the company newsletter had my weekly essays. Queen remained to be the red ribbon, because, what a coincidence, my direct colleague was a Queen fan from the early days as well, I went with him to a concert of Brian May, because in that time Freddie passed away.  And I still get tears in my eyes when I think about it, every year in November my mood changes and then I realize again how it comes.

Mood changes are part of me. I am a thinker and I am very sensitive. I cry easily(8) what not always is a disadvantage. In my role as chairmain in some labour organisations (9) I could not stop my tears when I felt that I (or my goals) were treated unfair or rude, and then the tears jump out. Many manager did not know what to do with it, and from the moment that I had learned to use this, I knew that that was the moment to get my things working. Sounds like a child's trick, but it works in big business as well :)
As being a thinker I also tried to find out how my mood changes were coming to me, and why.  I discovered at pretty young age that there were things that I can see and others not.
Colours and more. Accupuncture. Energy healing. (10).

And that, my beauties, were the 10 (more or less) intresting things about me. The red lines are Queen, Human and writing.  And when I write this, I wonder where I left the book in what some of my poetry is printed. It must be here, close to my books of astrology. 
I thnk there are some more intresting things, but who knows, maybe there is a next challenge to write  :)


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