Donnerstag, 7. April 2016

7/30 What tattoos you have and if they have a meaning

I start my writer's challenge today as in tradition to ciritsize the subject.

The subject assumes that the writers in the contest have tattoos.  So, now what to do, because I have no tattoos. Am I not able to do the contest? Or shall I let it go and just write on the go.

I never had a tattoo, and it is most unlikely that I ever will have one.
There was a time that I wanted a tattoo, but I never had the guts, I simply do not like to be hurted, or that my body is transformed, in whatever way,. No piercings, no make up, no hair colours, no tattoos (I make an exception for my toe nails in summer!) 

I do not feel the need anymore to etch my skin with a nice Freddie or with the name of someone that I love.  Those signs are etched in my heart, they are mine and no one elses.  Everyone may see and notice my adoration of Queen, of my children, of my girlfriend, and my wisdoms I can write down where ever I want.
Things that I not want to forget, are etched in my heart. It are my hidden tattoos, there are a few of them. And some of you might know a few.

Others will never see them, and that is fine.  Just as it is my skin, and only I decide what to do with it, it also is my heart, and I decide how I will use it.

Hmm, it seems I am in a bit agressive mood today, when I re read this.  I am not.  This day, April 7th, is 'jjust'  a special day.  Etched in my heart. Clearer then the biggest tattoo.

(here the new trend in tattooing.. black/white tattoos...)

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