Sonntag, 3. April 2016

3/30 My first love/ first kiss

Writer's challenge day 3. My firts love/first kiss

 Nice, these subjects.  I think that the one who originally spread this contest, had the idea that people could open up and reveal their deepest secrets with this.

However, that is not working with me, today -smiles-

My first kiss, my first love, I call her Gee, for the ease :-), and just like yesterday, this brings me back to my early memories, around kindergarden and ground school.

Yes, I think I was a romantic child, when I was about 6 years old!  
We were raised ats a good catholic family, and that did not mean just going to the church, but it meant as well attending a catholic school.
It was much further away then the other school (around the corner), but we went there for the good purpose. And  imagine, people of today.. We walked 25 minutes to get to school, no one brought us by car.. Yes, when we were lucky, we were transported at the bicycle of my dad, but usually it was a long walk along the canal. 

On our walk to school we met other school comrades and one of them was Gee. We often walked together and talked together, and played together. Gee was not only a pretty girl, but Gee had a television at home!  (we not -yet-).  So, at our free wednesday afternoons we went there to watch tv as well.
Soon I fell for Gee's charmes and she for mine. We often went to school walking hand in hand, and, since it was a long walk, we made our stops as well.
It was spring, 52 years ago, that we took our break, and rested at that bench at the water, behind the daffodils.  We talked about the future and it was  not even a discussion, we should get married and get children and all.  Life is so easy, and uncomplicated!

At that day the daffodills were flowering so beautiful, I picked one and gave it to Gee.
She gave me a heavenly smile, and a big kiss. Help!!!  I almost was strangled by her, should I be rude and break free, or should I wait until she lets me go?
At that momentt, the entire complicated matter from having a relationship passed me in one second.
It took me more then 40 years to realize that.

About 15 years ago I met Gee again, we drank a coffee together.  She told me that she could not really remember the things pretty well, but her mother has told the stories so often ...   
Yea, that really did p...  me off!
And so, consequently, after more then 30 years, my first love finnally found her place in the row  :-) 

I am happy now, believe me. And te memory is sweeter the more years that pass.

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