Dienstag, 31. Januar 2017

Wondering Pondering

Do you ever wonder, why some people like to label you?

I think often about it, and I do not think I fit in any label. When you call me man, I think you mean hu-man instead, just like wo-man who is human as well.
If you want to label me for my religion, there are various ways to do so. I am baptised in the catholic church, so you may call me catholic. I visited a few years the Synagoge, so maybe I am more Jewish? I love the way of life of the Dalai Lama, does that make me a Buddhist? And if I say I am nothing of that all, am I an atheist?
Am I an anti christ when I belive in Allah?
Why am I not welcome, in your home, when I have a different skin colour, a different religion or come from another country?

When you label me, you take away a part of my freedom as human being, from the one who I am.
When labels are being used to judge how we might treat the people, we loose even more of our own identity.

I not need a label. I am free. Just like the water in the pond. Is it different then the water in anther pond?  Do not allow that your freedom is limited by a label.

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