Freitag, 6. Januar 2017

A winter's tale

Let's talk about the weather
Like everyone is talking about the weather, always.

While the Aussies at the moment almost get roasted, and the bushfires are all around, big parts of the world are covered with cold. And cold means as well inconveniences.

We live at a relative calm part of the globe, in our part of Germany winters are wild,  the snowy days you can count at a hand.

Well, this week we had a snowy day. There was actually some snow for the ones who were early awake, because later at the day the stuff was already gone again.

But.. as soon as the word snow is mentioned, things change here. It seems cars panic, the number of car accidents is countless, the railway is becoming chaos and  other public services get unreliable as well.

And everyone seems to accept the excuse.  It is winter.. things happen then!

And I wonder.. how people survive in places where it is really cold. The Scandinavian countries, Canada, the eastern part of Europe, parts of America.  Where we see empty supermarkets, nothing in the shelves...  because people need a supply in case they can not get out of their houses for a bit.

Meanwhile, while the country suffers under winter, other people have no problems with it and make the most beautiful pictures.....

Welcome in winterwonderland in Nordrhein Westfalen :) 

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