Montag, 23. Januar 2017

The price of freedom

I guess almost all of you, my darling readers, are at Facebook as well, at the time I write this.

I guess that a lot of you know about the policies of FaceBook.  It is free to use, but mr FaceBook decides what is allowed and what not.

Nudity is forbidden and FB is pretty strict in it. As with many other rules, they are following the american standards and do not give a --beep-  about the rest.

This way art, like photo's, poser, paintings and so more, is under strict watch. A bit too much nudity, a trace from a nipple, and BAM!  Facebook gives you the blues, bans you, first for a couple of days, later for a month, and then, all the sudden, your accountis gone.

How pleased are we with a clean FB?
And how clean is our FB, when people can still freely post hate posts,  ask their audience to laugh about distracted people, giving a platform for Racism, bigoty, homophobia and National Socialism?
Beautiful breassts are forbidden, but brutal war games are okay, because that brings FB the money, to keep the thing free for us.

With participating FB (and the others), we agree with their policy. We agree that we don't use art, nudity, and so more, while, at the same time, we agree with the fact that the social media show us bloody war scenes, hate propaganda and so on.

When you are complaining, about that FB is slow again, or not shoing your messsages, we forget easily that we agree with the way FB works.  Just like we agree with the way MicroSoft, Apple and Google  rule our tablets and telephones. 

We are free to use their services, as long as we follow their rules. 

Of course, we are as well free to give up our connection with FB, Twitter and Co. No one is forcing us to stay there.
hmmm... let me think about that!

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