Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2017

It's a rat trap

It's a rat trap..  and if you don't take care, you've been caught before you know it.

We all know how things work. You get what you give. Give a smile, and you get one in return.

It counts as well for negativity. Often it is so disgusting what happens.
An upcoming president, that tells a reporter, you can not ask a question, you are against me..  What the  That makes angry, yes!

Hold on.. stop...  Don't step into the trap!
Do not give him the chance to prove that he is right.  Prove that he iis wrong. Do not accept it, keep asking why, keep asking about how important democracy is.

It is soooo difficult to behave. I see the anger around me as well. And I tend to get frustrated and then react angry as well. But I should not!  I try not to, and I need you, to help me, with doing the same, so that I can see your positivity and be inspired with it.

And who knows
Maybe 'the other'  realizeses, when his agression is not answerred with agression, that there are other ways to get things done.

I will post sheep, regurarily, when there is such a trap in my sight.  When I am trapped, or when others try, or, when I succeed to reply my way. All we need.. is love. And sheep :)

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