Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017

Happy birthday


Do we love them, do we igore them?

Even when we not like them, now and then we  can not run away from the fun and then we have to enjoy it. If it is a good friend, a best friend, a partner, (grand)child, there are moments that the other appreciates your presence and then we are there. 

Nowadays it is not so easy to forget birhdays as in the past. Our social calendars remind me at 3 or 4 places that someone has a day to celebrate.  Not so long ago it was only Mom, or your wife (somehow especially females are good in remembering those days?), now it is FB, and other smart apps that tell you in time when you can send a message.

I have been told that there are even Apps that suggest you the wish that you should send, also it can't be made much more easy.  Copy, paste, send, done for another year!

I plan to send more personal wishes this year. Easy as well, I did not do any, last year, so my target might be reached easily. 
And I will take effort, and find myself a card. I not need an app or so. I shall think about the person, think about what he or she likes, then get it and add a few personal words to it.   Because I, myself, have absolutely no value for unpersonalized birthday wishes.
When, then good, and that is how I will try to do for some others as well.

When I am invited at birthdayparties, I will come with a (small) present.  Just like with cards, I will think about the person, I will look around and finally make my decission.  Add some personal words and .. tadaaammmm.. sounds so easy!  

When I think my friend is smoking too much, I shall not bring him cigarettes.  Why should I encourage that?  Nor shall I bring large bottles of wine to someone who easily drinks.  It is easy, of course, to do so, because you not need to think too much with it.

Wishing somone a happy birthday, long may (s)he live.
Friends do not give their friends things  with what they encourage bad habbits.   At least that is my idea of friendship.  I rather give nothing, then choosing the easy way to speed up the bad things to come.
Just saying.  

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