Mittwoch, 25. Januar 2017

Power to the people

It are only a very few that are able to use the power that they are given in a proper way.

The mother with the 3 kids in the supermarket, who hits the eldest one, because she was teasing her younger brother. A hit, and the girl went on, now out of reach of the hands of her mother.
In school, where the teacher tells his pupil that he did behave bad and now need to make some extra work. He will be mad at the teacher in the end, and the issue remains unsolved.
In jobs, where chiefs scream to their employees, in order to get them more successful, instead of motivating and insirating them.
In politics, where more and more leaders create their own truth and no one is allowed to doubt about it.

Power or a loud voice, can not convince people from an opinion. Only when we are free to choose, with equal chances for every thought, we can decide where we stand for.

It is important to see the various sides of the meddle. Not that you always can get what you want, but when you understand both sides of the story, you can accept things as they are. And find a strategy to get your own goal realized. 

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