Freitag, 13. Januar 2017

Give and ake

I hope this is the last time that I feel the need to write about it, but, if not, I shall do it again.

I wonder why some people can not handle a critical note.  When an upcoming President is not able to handle critical questions, that is far away, but when it happens with friends, then it feels much more painful.

I shall keep on asking 'why'  (as in, why do people support a racist?), and that is an honest why. When I see, like in the past days, that the answer to such questions is not getting further then, bad looser, give it a chance, don't attack me, then I wonder, if my question is wrong, or that 'the other' is not wanting to give a reply (either he can't or he is not willing to).

Why is it so difficult to tell me why you do certain things?  Why do you need so many words to say nothing, or to move the spotlight away from the question?

When we learn why we do things, we are also learning what the consequences are. When we are acting, just because, we do not oversee what happens and we do not know how much we hurt others. Or, if you are an upcoming president, you might have no idea about what catastrophe you are causing.

When people feel attacked by my questions, I again ask why. And if you can tell me why, I can discuss with you and even excuse myself. That only goes when we (learn to) listen to eachother.

We not need to censor, while some people in the spotlights do so.

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