Montag, 16. Januar 2017



People who recognize that word, are longer then a few years at internet.
People who know what the word means, are even longer having internet access
The longest on line are the people who were there before the netiquette was made.

For who forgot what netiqette is, it is about how to behave at the internet.

When you chat, you use a small font. CAPSLOCK and large fonts are extremely disturbing and disrepect in a conversttion, and tells the other that you do not take them serious.

When you inform others about what you are up to, you add the name of the person included.  
Like, John, I want to visit you, tomorrow. Else you might expect the wrong person to react (or too many)

Later, netiquette was expanded. Use modest colours, if you want to share your message. 

Further, the ground messages for chatting and internet exchange were, that you kept private matters private. No on at the net needs to see how much you feel for someone, what you eat, how your hair is sitting today and worse.

Times has changed.  
The social network gave us friends, that are no friends at all.
The social network gave us screaming colours, to get attention.
The social network gave us huge fonts to comminicate with each other
The social network shows too many private conversations, that no one needs. 

And in fact, nothing has changed
We still can take the effort to take time for our messages.
We still can type, ask personally to people how they are, or if they can help.
We still not need to bother people with how many time we go to the toilet, or making funny pictures of it.

Yes, it costs time, to do that. 
There were times that it was normal to spend time for people, who you really care for.

No one can tell that they have no time to pay true attention, even digital.

That's all for now. 30 years of being on internet left its traces :) 

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