Sonntag, 15. Januar 2017

Free to speak

Sometimes it looks like everytihng in the world is upside down. 

People that you thought that you knew, all the sudden are turning out to be strangers and I wonder why I still like that person that posted a dead animal, what some had decorated with balloons, telling happy birthday.
I wonder why wonderful people, with a golden heart, choose for a homophobic, racist as president, and still are defending them.

I said my things about it, and the others simply refuse to understnd my point of view.
Okay, maybe I am wrong, but considering the reactions that people give me, I see that I am not the only one.
And that, exactly that, is encouraging me.

I will not stop saying my things. When a picture is NOT funny, when a joke is insulting or disrespectful.
I will find the will to carry on, with the people that are in the heart. Nearby, and a bit further away.
When I look at them, I see that the world is not as bad, as that others contineous arte trying to tell us.

How bad is life, when you have a shelter, something to eat, someone who listens to you? 

:)  I love life. It is worth to fight for. With love.

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