Montag, 2. Januar 2017

the sound of

That feeling .. when you ask something for a reply, and there comes no answer

A thing that not so often happens in real life, eye to eye, but a thing that is pretty normal in the social media.  
I can understand that you not always are on line, or are willing, or in the mood, to reply, of course, that's fine. The world is bigger then the digital lines and if it really matters there are other communicaation forms imagineable as well.

But, when  I get the feeling that I am ignored, for example (social media again) that I see the person posting and babbling, and not replying at my private message, then I get a bit itchy and insecure. Did I do something wrong? Did the message not arrive?
Well, as long as there is no reply, we do not know, don't we?

What to do?  Sending a message like.. did you see my message?  In fact useless, because we can see that the message is read.
So.. what to do? 
We all want our freedom. We all want to do what we think that is good. And if someone else is thinking that not replying is good, then we should respect that, even when we not like it.  The more we try, te stronger the barreer grows.

So, I choose the difficult way. I stay silent and wait.. and wait..   Until the moment that I can NOT wait anymore and ask, as written above.
With as result?  Silence... 

Argh!  There we go again!   Let go!  There is no need to hurt yourself by waiting on things that do not come.  We all know such moments. Don't wait ..  Carry on, carry on.. as if nothing really matters!

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