Dienstag, 8. März 2016

frankie goes ...

to südstern.

He is an admin, and he thinks he needs to rule the world. Well, he doesn't.  I was aware about the point that the group is growing and that there are people who are anonymous, and who are not existing. I KNOW them :-)

So, the idea is ok, being selective with adding people, but this little dwarf did (again) show his true face.

When I wrote that I don't understrand why people need a profile picture, he appearantly saw his chance to try to attack me.
Things came like.. you are never on an event, and now you say things?
Yeah, right. LOL.  250 members, so how many are the same, oh well :-)

Nevertheless, I was planning to save the prints, for later. And what .... said, is right. This man has a problem.  and I am not going to make it mine.

Oh.. and then the evening came..

One of the other admins asked me if I had deleted my message, so I told her that I did not. We shortly talked about the attitude of frankie boy and it is nice to see that my opinion of him is correct, at least the same as from his 'colleague admin'
Frankie is a coward. He loves to get rid of me, but he does not dare to, because he knows how my best friend(s)  think about me!
I don't need to tell the world that we are good friiends.

Iwait until this short coward (my baby was right in her observation as well, and my photo buddy too), drops down. It is a matter of time!


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