Donnerstag, 31. März 2016

challenges and fun


3 bitrhdays today, also 3 creative pictures to make.  

Further I think I am recovering from my cold, the ear is still fully closed, grrr, hopefully that will get better soon as well.
The weather is still a bit grey, but the temperatures are getting upwards. Good.

Plenty of plans.
I decided to not to jon the Foto 7 Daagse.  Partially because I did not feel well, but as well because I slowly start to dislike the mass of it. I do it a bit later.
In IAAW  we will make a writing challenge, in April, the entire month we can write, every day, about a givien theme,.  Even when no one is particiapting, no one but me, lol, I still do it and will ad that to my poetry site.  The site that I can update today, or tomorrow, with a LOT of poetrry from this month.

Facebook gossip. There are a few people that dig their own graves, Frankie did dump himself out of the admin group, lol.  We shall see what happens, I lean back.
Where I also will lean back is in the upcoming 'uproar'  around the ESC, European Song Contest, a thing that Jon is very much involved with.  We are getting that horrible music as from tomorrow in his countdown and I shall try to ignore it fully. Maybe I should make a nice alternative :for StayingPower, where he most likely will post his terror. :) lol.

Life is funny and nice :) .  I love my sweetie, more and more, every day :)
And when I see a good friend being happy with her new love as well, then that makes me smile too. Even when I am not that keen on that guy, well, I do not need to live with him, right? LOL. And I will remain the one that I always am. Soooooo...

Coffee o clock, time for some happy birthday wishes and then I will go in the street, finally again, with the cam. It has been a long 10 days without it, the tulips in house are wonderful, but..  a man like me needs more :)

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