Sonntag, 5. März 2017


When I want to go home, I hope that I have the key, to open the door. When not, then I hope that my lovely lady is at home and opens the door for me.

When I go to friends, I hope that they are home. Normally I should announce that I want to come, and, depending on who it is, I will be welcomed, more or less enthusiastically.

If I am rude to people, they will think twice before they invite me. The chance that I come for a closed door, grows with the more angry my words get.
When I show violence in my words, about things that I do not like at my friends' place, they will take care that I can not come to their house.

Our house is the place where we should feel safe. Our country is where we should feel safe as well. When we are guests in otherones home, we shall accept the 'rules of the house'. And no one can expect from others that they allow violence being used in their house, against the ones that live there, that they love and care for.

In that view, I think the only way to get into contact with others is, when we show that we are willing to be friendly to each other. We not need to agree with everything, but we must be able to communicate, without abuse or violence, in word or deed.

Our door is wide open, for who wants to talk, for who wants to care. Our door is closed for who is a threat for our life

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