Freitag, 17. März 2017

The unheard story

Sometimes the stories are found at the street.

You just have to walk in a city, and look around. Not arrogant with your nose in the air, but streight, or, if you want to see more, a bit to the ground.  You see the people living in the street, you see the people who better should not be at the street and you see people who want you off from the street.

Shopping windows with screaming colours, loud music, food shops of wht the smell already not makes you hungry anymore, all is there. And of course, the peopole who live there, just like we.  People that say hello, or people that I not recognize, even when they greet me, lol, yes, embarassing, but that is me as well.

Every picture tells a story. The people, of course, but the  things in the street as well. How many untold stories do you hear when you walk in the street?

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