Samstag, 18. März 2017

Let's shake hands

This is a true story, from a few years ago.

I am, anyway, on line, now and then pretty harsh with my words, and people not always like what I tell.  That is pretty harmless with people that you never meet, but when you act that way to people in your own village it is different.  

This man, who I accused a few time, on line, about racism and more.  We met in the park, for the first time, and he came to me with the words:  Do we have a fight?
My reply was, well,  not for me, but if you insist....
Good, we talked, shortly, he asked if I knew who he is (lol) and I said sure.

After that meeting he wanted to go, and I said.. shall we shake hands?  And so we did.

The man did not change in my opinion. But I take him more serious now. I disagree fully with his attitude and thoughts, but we can walk in the same street, we can meet, greet, and get on distance as soon as we can.

This way we both not need to hide or pretend that we not see each other. In the end we are living in one city, so we meet, sooner or later, again.

I think some political leaders (or pretending leaders) should be able to gain more respect, if they should shake hands as well, instead of pretending like you did not hear the thing.
Yes, f.ckwits are everywhere, even in the highest political ranks

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