Dienstag, 14. März 2017

The last time

The past weeks I was confronted with many sad news from friends.  It is heartbreaking to see friends sad becaues of the lost of someone dear, or an illness, what effects life a lot.

It makes me realize even more, that things can be over in a snap with the fingers. People can get ill, or pass away, unexpected and in many different ways.

At the moment I loose someone, I often think back at the last time that we talked, wrote, met. 
And I think at the beloved ones around me.
When did I say for the last time I love you, to my dearest love?
When did I talk to my friend(s) for the last time?  Did I hug them, when saying goodbye, even not knowing that it was the very last time we could?

Do not hesitate, do not wait for the better moment to come. It might come, but maybe it won't. And when the  time has come to say goodbye, you will realize that there is no new chance to say the words, to show what you thought or feel.

Do it now. It will not only give you a happy feeling, now, but it might as well give you peace, in your future.
Because  no one knows when the end will come.

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