Montag, 13. März 2017

Stop the fighting

O dear

It is clear that elections and choices are made, this year. The world is fighting to get attention, the leaders profile their best sides, so loud.  
I always think that it is so that we forget to look at the things they did the past years, and 'just'  concentrate at the one good deed they do now, giving them permission to lean back the rest of the years again.

Tell the people what they want to hear, and you are the winner.  Do not tell the consequences, they will see that when it is too late

And when someone tells you bad words, then slap them in the face. Not that such ever gives a solution, sooner or later you need to be on talking terms again, but, the 'people'  want the game, and you give it to them.

Seriously. Can't we just stop those silly (and dangerous) games?  The examples of what will happen are plenty. A fight never gives winners, just look back to all wars and make your conclusions.

Be friendly. And if our leaders give a bad example, don't follow the leaders, but follow your heart. Love is the answer, always!

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