Samstag, 11. Februar 2017

Who to blame

A few thoughts that went through my head, recently, on what I not know the answer, but I like to think about them, and share them with you.  So, warning, stuff to think about is on your way!

Who is to blame, for actions?  Usually you can say, the person who initates, is responsible. In politics does that mean, that the party that you are in, is encouraging your decisions.
Should we blame one person, for what he is signing, or are the people who prepare the documents as well responsible?  For me it is clear. A political leader is as strong as that his audience is making him.
It is easier to point to one person, then to blame the entire system behind it, what makes it possible that this happens.

Dictatorship and repression do not end with erazing one name. Therefore the system needs to be investigated and corrected.

It is not a secret that I am against ANY form of violence and discrimination of people, in whatever way. Freedom to speech, freedom to travel, freedom to be, is important and I stand for that.  Hate and Fear are taking away the power to think and the power to act.  Love is the (re)action.
I most definitely hate how some people ill-use their power, it is disgusting and against every human codex. Inacceptable.
The change, however should be in us, the silent majority. When do we open our eyes and say, enugh is enough? The day will come, may it be quick, because there is a lot of work to do to return the parts of humanity that are violated now.

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