Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2017


It costs so little, and it brings so much

I notice  it every time again, not only when I work with (my) people, but everywhere.  Things pay back!

When I smile to someone, it not only makes me feel good.  Often I get a smile back, especially from people that I know a bit better.  But as well sometimes from strangers. And the strangers who feel offended and look shocked away, they give me a giggle.
Of course it is sad, when you are afraid for a nice gesture, but at the other side, I am sure that they will remember that action, from us both, for a while, and it migh help next  time  (yes, I am a dreamer).

Ever seen hate bringing a person to smile?
Ever seen a war with winners?

Be good to the other, and they shall be good to you.  I think that, especially in times that things look so bad, we should realize that we have a lot of things in our own hands.  We can defend ourselves against violence. But can we defend ourselves against a smile? :)  Should we, anywayP

Smile. Who knows, maybe you get a smile back. If not, then it is okay as well, because YOU did smile!
Look into the mirror. Smile to who you see there, because he, or she, is the reason that you should smile!  

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