Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2017

Always look to the bright side

I know the reason (again), why I do not follow the news too much. 

It is simply not helathy, to hear and see constantly the bad things thatt happen in the world. It is news, but it is not what we need to see every hour of the day.

I do not think it is just putting the head in the sand. I think that it is healthy, to look into other directions as well.  The bad things happen, they have influence at all our lives, and it will continue like this.  When we sit and wait until better comes, we shall be constantly knocked down by the words of violence and the one sided message on tv, radio, twitter, facebook.

We need a break, now and then, a thing that is good for our health.  It is still possible to not refesh the social media, and it is allowed to take a day, or, if that is too much, a few hours free from the neverending row of messages.

Switch it off

Read a book, and don't tell the world what book it is (because there will always be someone with an opinion, on what you may react).  Just do it!  Listen to some music.  Go out, take a walk, meet friends, get a drink, visit a museum.  Smile!

When you spent as much time now at finding positive activities, as that you spent in hearing all the violence in the world, you might get that mind-switch, that will make your life more happy.

This blog is inspired at an article that I read at Ellis'  FaceBook. I put the link below the photo, I highly recommend it.

 There is a constant violation of our brains, caused by TV.  I admire the step from CNN, to limit the news from the white house. It is a good step forward to get well balanced again.

If you ever considered to do yoga, and not had the time... Now you know how to make time. Switch of Twitter and Facebook.  Put on some relaxing music and a candle.
Or go to write.  Go to photograph :)  Expand your world, get into balance again!

And here the link

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