Montag, 6. Februar 2017

The best things in life

It is often said, and song about, and it is true

The best things in life are free

Don't let the money makers hear it, for they will come and hunt it away!
But, if I think about it, the best things can not be 'claimed'
The love for my girl, my friends, children, no one can take it away, even when trying hard, it will not work.
There are more things that are free, and wonderful.  Sun on a rainy day. Rain after  a lot of sun, the day after a dark and sleepless night.

Today I experienced two best things in the shops.
First I let change the battery of the watch.  No charges, they said, we saw this battery is changed last summer, and when it now is empty that is much too soon, guarantee (and that for only a few Euros).
Then, walking at cloud 9, I went to let my sunglasses to pe repaired. The man took his time, the shades came back cleaned and fixed.... For free!  

And me learned again, that it is good to have some shops where you can go to. A smile, a chat, and (customer) service. 

I am a happy man, having a happy bear.

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