Montag, 20. Februar 2017


We're all walking a long road

Sometimes the roads bring people together, for longer or for shorter time. The only one who you can be sure of, who guides you on your road from birth until death, is you, yourself.

Use what the road brings you. Pick a flower as in friendship.  Enjoy the sun as  in a laughter. Be happy and amazed about everything. Start every day anew with being amazed about the things that happen, the light, the friends, the partner, the home, everything you have.

Do not look to what your friends have. You not need to know how they get happy, you must know your own happiness. A bird that starts singing. Your favorite artist at the radio.

The people that walk with you at your road, today.  Everyone with his or her own destination. Laugh to eachother. You might remember it later, for a reason.  Don't be too hard for yourself. When others doubt about you, let them. Look into the mirror, and see the wonderful you.  Know your strength (you automatically know your weak points then as well), and use it on your path.

Step by step we come to our destination.
Who knows how, who knows when?

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