Montag, 13. Februar 2017

hands off!

Took the picture your attention?

Most of you know that this is the memorial statue of Freddie Mercury, in Montreux.
A symbol for us, Queen fans, and of course it hurts (yes I know it is just  a statue, but it hurts still, because it is not just a statue)  to see 'our Freddie'  in this condition.
Unfortunately such things are common, every public building, every public part of art, sooner or later gets visitors that want to ruin it. It costs a lot, effort and money, to get the things back in their original condition again.

I can not understand, and I do not want to accept, why this is happening.  People who do that are cowards enough to do it when no one sees them, they can not brag about it and they do hurt people with it.
The sad thing is that it happens everywhere. It is not uncommon to find fresh food, half eaten, in shelves in the supermarket.  Just one example. 

Why do people need to put names or colours on every wall?  What's the fun of it?  I love graffity and wall art, what is different, and often as well victim from vandalism (as in overpainted with crap, or worse)

Who teached the people who do this, about having respect for other ones properties or creations?  What do they tell their children, later, about what  they did? Will they allow them to do the same, and even encouraging it?

Keep your fucking hands off from things that do not belong to you!

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