Samstag, 4. Februar 2017

What do you see?

If there is one thing that I learned with photography, then it is to look better to the world around me. 

Things that I did not notice before, are now making a wonderful picture.  My sweetheart tells me, that I can make ugly things look beautiful, with my camera.
And that is not that I change the reality. It is in looking a bit different to things.  If you walk daily through your street, you will not get so soon at your knees.  When I photograph, it happens often that I crawl over the street, in the grass, to get a different view at the things and put it digital. It is amazing what you see then, in the normal daily things! 

It enriches my photography, and it enriches as well my daily view on life.  It is good, to stand still, now and then, realizing what you are doing. Or, to be aware of what information you let reach yourself.
Watching the news, day in, day out, is definitely not healthy.  Watching the sun, looking to people, enjoying the two minutes of sunshine on a rainy day. It all can make the difference.

How do you see your world?
You, and only you, can make the difference.

Smile, and do not stop it, when people say that there is no reason to smile.
Be free. Feel free to be happy.  Look better, think healthy.  Colour your life!

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