Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017

A flavor of ...

Today, in our part of Europe, it is a day that we all were waiting for.

Temperatures above 10 degrees, plenty of sun.  It looks like winter is over, even tho we (should) know that a lot of cold still may come. Or maybe not, we shall see.

With the entrance of the weather change, I am always amazed with the 'dress change' of people as well.
I mean,yes, it is sunny, it is beautiful weather, but 12 Degrees is not exactly the temperature I guess that people are going to walk outside in a thin t shirt and with short pants.
Next to those summer-behavior, there are as well people that refuse to admit it is beautiful weather. They wear their Hats, scarves, and handshoes

Are both parties living in 'another world'? One in yesterday, like, it was freezing last week, so it will be cold now, no matter what,  others living in the future, like the sun is shining it will be summer soon and I want it NOW!

And then I hear that voice inside of me..  Hans.... not of your business!  Maybe one has a high bloodpressure, maybe the other is not recovered yet from a flue. We never know, when we do not know (Hans logic??)
Same goes for Internet. How often there are postings of people who make fun about others? Such as, the clip of a girl dancing with a song. Okay, I should not put it on line, but when you do, and are happy with it, does that give others the right to burn the person down?


Back to reality, Hans. Do not judge too easy. Judge on facts. Try to find out the truth, don't believe everythng you see.

Anyway. Spring is in the air.  The photo, that I took today, is telling it.  Facts baby!  :) 

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