Donnerstag, 4. Mai 2017

Living without you

What is it, in life, that you can not live without?

If you have an answer at that question, is it the same answer as that you should give, say, 20 years ago?

There were times that the refrigerator was high at the list of most essental things. Nowadays we can get almost everything, almost 24/7, so why do we need a fidge?  Why do we need a stove and oven, when we can order everything fresh at the time we want?
Heathing was a 'hot item'  as well, but with the climate change that becomes different as well. We can take an extra blanket, if needed, and yes, I know that in certain areas the winters are colder then before. Still, we not can hide and find warm places, if needed, without heathing.
Transport is already a bit more tricky.  We need it, to get to work, because we need to gain money. When there are train or bus strikes, we get in our cars, when the roads are blocked, we take the train. And if all breaks down, we have no other choice to wait until things are working again.

These examples, and more, show that we are creative and know how to find alternatives, when life essental help falls out.

Yesterday, there was a world wide drop down of WhatsApp.  It reached the news, and from what I read it disturbed a lot of people.  
Because,  what to do when we can not communicate with others?
What to do if we can not write a message?

How many of us have forgotten that there are other ways to communicate?  Not only when you sit at home, at the coucht, but as well when you are at parties?
There is a thing called socialize.  Talking to people, eye in eye. Or at the phone.  that is, if you still have such a thing that is able to make analogue phonecalls and not uses 'WLAN'

How healthy it should be, if you switch off your devices for a few hours? Can you do it?
Yes.. I can!  I can sit in the tram, reading, or just looking outside, without needing to check my smarphone for messages.

I must stop writing now, I have to check my mail. there are 300 FaceBook messages waiting for me, and I don't want my friends  to get angry at me that I did not respond within a minute.  

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