Freitag, 26. Mai 2017


Summertime it is!  

The tempertures will rise to above the 30 Degrees (C) this weekend, it is summer everywhere.  

A lot to say about summer, but I do not want to bore you -yet-  with the too short sirts or shorts, the joys of an overcrowded bus in summer and so more.  
In fact the thing I want to talk about is not 'just' summerly at all.  

I was on my way to work, this morning, enjoying the sun, and then it happened.  My foot was glued at the street. I pulled out my shoe and below it some beautiful lines appeared, the connection between the plaque at the street and the plaque at my shoo.   Dreckly!

People are not thinking, when they throw their stuff in the street, and chewing gum is even worse then dogs sh.t, because it is almost impossible to get it off your clothes, your shirt, and as well of your shoes.  
What to do, when you have that sticking stuff under your shoe and you must go further?   As good as possible I tried to remove it. It resulted that the tissue I used partially sticked at the stuff under my feet.  Not a good idea, also :)  
I went further, with every step glueing myself at the street again. I had the thought that, after a while, the sticking would be gone.  Wrong again!  Warm as it was, the gum was fluid enoug to accompany me to work, a walk of about 12 minutes.  I felt dirty with every step!

At work, first thing I did was pulling my soes of.  Yes,  of course I was wearing my sandals, the sticky stuff had filled the profile in the sole perfectly.  Sigh.  
Now the cleaning could be done properly. The maical cleaning stuf (benzin?) worked fast and efficient. Drinking my coffee and cleaning my shoe, I decided that I should write a protest blog about it.

People, if you are ready with chewing your gum, just put it in a bin, instead of spitting it on the floor. The little effort you have to to is in no way compareable with the effort and money it needs for OTHERS to clean YOUR dreckly stuff.

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