Dienstag, 16. Mai 2017

Chaos rules

When you are not very much beloved for what you do, you have several posibilities to improve your situation.
One is to look at yourself and find your good points, eventually with help from others, who can put you at the right trace (again)

Another possibility is to create as much chaos as you can, above what one can imagine.
And when the chaos is so big, that no one knows anymore what to do, then you stand up and say, it is time to clean it up, and I am going to do that for you. 
Because no one has any idea anymore where to start, and what to do, you have the chance to put up your rules to the rest.  The people will be grateful for you, to stop the chaos. The chaos you created by yourself.
And that way you can realize horrible things,  that you never even could consider to make them happen, in the time before, when everything was organized, safe and when we knew where we stood.

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