Montag, 29. Mai 2017


Today I realized again how things have changed in our world.

An innocent joke almost escalated to a nasty discussion. 

A spontaneous reaction of me, almost resulted in a big word fight.   
And, as the cherry on top, one of my friends needed to delete my comment, to 'protect'  me for nasty comments of his friends.   Wow.

The people who spread hate, the people who promote that we need to fight, are at the winning hand. The gap is digged, it appearantly is almost impossible to write, or say, what we think, without that others might react furiously on it.


Not in my name. NEVER!   I love to say what I feel, and if someone has problems with my humour, then we can talk about it. And I will appologize if I am rude or nasty to others (I make an exception for some political leaders, whose names I will not mention here).  I don't want shitstorms, but if people feel like, then give it to me, I am ready to...   

Um, yes, ready for what?  
I am ready. To smile.  

When I disagree with you, that is not meanig that I can not live with you. When you are furious, and I do not see why, I do not need to appologize, but I can promise to do better, next time.  But to be able to be better, it is necessary that you are open, to accept my imperfection as well.  Are you open to accept that others are not perfect, just like you, yourself?

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