Montag, 22. Mai 2017

Mirror, mirror at the wall

The only way to get a good impression of what you are doing, is listening to the others, and looking at the work that you are doing. 

Do others like it, then you might do something good. 
When others do not like it and put questions on why you are doing something, it does not harm to listen to them and try to do better.

It is ashame that in many cases, the people that need the most help, that are doing the most wrong things, refuse any assistance or help. That is one of the reasons that they destroy a lot, instead of building up. 

And when they get out of their house, visit friends, they forget to look as well. They are excited when the other is friendly and seems to be helpful. They do not see that the help is not to benefit you, but to benefit them. They intend to be friends, but only as far as it serves their own purposes.
You can as well not visit the streets where the people dislike you.  When you do not see it, you can pretend that it is not there.

You left your kitchen at home in an absolute mess, and eat from plates with golden decoration in the house of your friends. Who do not invite you in their kitchen. And if you do not ask them about things, they will not change it.

But, one day you need to return home and deal with your own kitchen again. You will find your kitchen in the same mess as before. 

And there is a big chance that you underestimate the kitchen personnel, who are not happy with what you are doing. Your friends might be far away, when the people in your kitchen tell you they do not want you anymore as being their chief.

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