Freitag, 12. Mai 2017

What you wish is not what you see

Let's talk facebook again.

It happened again today, that there were postings that I should have not liked to see.  
No, I don't talk about politics this time, for exception, but about photos of animals.

Dead animals.

Some people posted the photos of proud people, together witht the by them hunted animals. Giraffe, Lion, Rhinoseros.
As disgusting as the photos I saw of a smaller animal, what was killed in a traffic accident.

Why are people posting this?  
Who do you want to reach with such bloody photographs? 

If you want to 'educate'  the killers, do you really think that they care? Or that they read what you post?
Do you want to protest with those pictures against.. ehm .. against who?

Of course those images are shocking, and people get (very) emotional with it. That is why there are so many people who love to post, and read, about disasters and this kind of dramas. 
However, I do not think that you please anyone with it.

When I see an animal what is killed, my heart cries.  And when your heart cries, do something. 

Support Animal care.  Donate. Volunteer. 
Inform people who might care about the corpses.
Take action. Instead of  sitting behind your computer screen, seeing more people getting shocked and feeling sad. 
 Unless your purpose is to shock and hurt more people.  
Be human for animal life.

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