Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017

Stop! In the name of love

I find it so disgusting, when people judge other people about where they come from,. rather then for what they do.
I should love to see people judging others on what they do, and not look to their colour or where they come from. Or their religion.

Look at the people around you, in your country.  How many people are originally coming from other countries then from the country you live in?  What happens when we not tolerate to people, that come, for differrent reasons, to your country?  Why did your ancestors  immigrate to the country that you now live in?

Let's be tolerate to the people that we live with.  As long as we do not want to listen to each other, we will not learn to understand eachother.
Who cares for someone, can not use violence against them.

So yes, I get furious, now and then, when I see people talking like : 'we'  need to defend ourselves, be less tolerant against .... (religion, foreigners, immigrants).   Who are the we?  Do you mean  yourself, then say I.  Hate is not a solution, never. And as long as YOU encourage hate, as long as YOU do not tolerate the people around you, you should not exspect other people to change.  Listen to eachother. Love eachother.

Never tolerate violence, but do not preach it then by yourself in the first place.

Brian May, guitarist from Queen, said it his way.  Watch it. and think about it.

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