Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2016

when people talk too much

It is funny, how social media like facebook are exactly reflecting reality.

I think that social media are a part of our real life, just like that the TV found a place, now it is time for Facebook or whatever name it is to be a permanent part of our life.

Some people are aware of what is happening, They 'know'  when the internet, or, as they call it, Facebook, is slow.. They KNOW that than the secret services are reading the postings, and they wave then, friendly, over the Social Media to the spying eyes.

I think it is good to have an open view, and to realize that everyone can read what is posted. And I think that, when something is possible, that it is happening as well.  That is why I do not get upset, I am glad to live in a free country, where I can tell what I think. So much different then in China, or N Korea, where all the words on internet are scanned and where it is not possible to post about certain subjects without being censored.

The people here, that have the critical eye at, but more to, authoroties, (they do not only 'know'  the activity of the secret services, but they also are fanatic against the leaders in the country while they for the ease forget that those leaders make it possible that they can complain freely).

They warn for virusses and show helpful examples of how good they are. For themselves.

A bit ago one of this wonderful people wrote that she was ill. She could not attend a meeting because of that. Of course everyone wished her get well.
A day later, she posted the most wonderful photos of the winter landscape, taken at the day that she cancelled the meeting.

I smiled, and felt confirmed in a few thoughts.  This wonderful person said some words. Instead of staying silent (sorry, I can't attend, have fun), she needed to expalain it, and then 'forgot'  to make her excuse valid.
Do you have an aliby, Steve?  Yes, I was ill in bed. Oh...  By the way, your pictures were beautiful :)

This was an example that took place in a group that I am a member of.  Indeed, the social media are not different then real life. I wonder what the secret service thinks about this kind of 'lies for their own benifit'.  Or what an employer can conclude of this, when his employee is said to be ill again.

Not of my business   And my smile, still stays on! 

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