Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2016

it is all around

I still have problems how to react on people that post hate messages.

Not looking at it, ignoring it, will not work, because I see it and then I NEED to do something. I can not let it go. Should I ban those people out of my life, or should I keep them in, with the risk that sooner or later such an accident happens again?

My most safe behavior is to ask them why they say such, why they do so.
But, do I need to discuss and hear all that 'dirt'  again?  It are never new words, all is said in fact.
Just like my reaction, is the same as well, in fact.

Hate and revenche is not a solution. Never.  The answer is love (and understanding).

I won't shut up.  I will not search for those people or consider them as friends. And when they start their dirty talk, I will reply.  I need to practise more, in concentating on the why..
It is more easy with the love. That is all around, for who wants to see.

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