Freitag, 30. Dezember 2016


Ah, what a word, perfect.

Perfect and perfectionism.  It is a thing a lot of people strive to and it is a thing that almost is impossible to reach.

It is almost anytime possible to make things a tiny bit better. A  meal can use a tiny bit more taste, or colour, a hairdress can be a tiny bit less ĺong.... And when that is settled, there are other things that all the sudden get important.

We all know examples about checkings, in the school, at work, where superiors/teachers tell you that things can be better. Ever saw a perfect handwriting?  Ever saw an office or shop that looks perfect?  Or a person?

What is in our judgement for perfectionism, differs from person to person.  When, like yesterday, someone tells me that that picture used to be perfect, but it is not anymore because it is copied too often...   Then I all the sudden start becoming the bad guy again.   Perfect?  Do you mean your photo was perfect?
The colours are strange, the picture is askew,  blurred and ....

No no no, don't tell me that your work is perfect.  Let me judge that, before you tell me that it is. :)

Be happy with what you do, be happy with your work.  Be amazed, when things fit exactly as you wish.  Be proud at it. Show it.  But do not tell others how good you are. Because the others will find that out by themselves.

That's the end of my blog today. Maybe it is not perfect. But I think the photo is :)

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