Sonntag, 25. Dezember 2016

Under the christmas tree

And so it is Christmas day

People wishing for peace, and secretly, a bit more, that their christmas dinner succeeds.
You might think that the cooking is the hardest part, but that definitely is not always the thing.

The most thrilling adventure of  a goose is the departure of the frozen goose down the stairs, and we ourselves, had some difficulties with our Duck, what appearantly was a bit bigger as planned.. Double as heavy, to be precise..  What the .......
Good, the duck was there, and then the big question was, how do we get this monster ready for dinner, while our cooker turned out to be pretty narrow for such a giant.

As often, when a man is desperate, the solution came from women :)  My girl said, why not ask... :) And I asked and then could get two frying pans.  Only needed one,  and I must say that all are pretty happy with it. The duck turned out to be wonderful of taste and all, and the fryer (I still wonder why google keeps on translating 'brater'  in bureau desk?) is perfect.

Thing turned out to be nice and very good tasting, so... that was Christmas Eve saved, and of course Christmas Day as well, and who knows how much longer... :)

As a good Social Media addict I posted my 'duck'  at facebook, got some nice reactions and my day was happy and fine.

Further, I do not care too much about all the christmas traditions, but it is nice when something succeeds, sure after a few hours of taking care of it.
Further, I do not care too much about presents, because we have in fact all we need, and what we want to have, we can buy it (or not) at the moment we like. We not need to wait for christmas.

But, having said that, I was happy that I found two Queen books in the window of the bookshop in town. Books that were not yet in our collection. And now they are.
Santa gave it to both of us. And, considering one can never have enough of Queen....We are happy bunnies today. The Duck however, might feel different.

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