Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016


A few 'wondering why's'  for today.  

Random thoughts, some are not worth even to write down -smile- others might give feed for weeks or months.

*Why are people, who end up a friendship or a relation, having so much difficulties in letting go?
I see it happening again. Someone who lost a relation and a close friendship, is following the persons that left, where ever possible.  And then returns with lines like.. Oh, he has a new car, Oh, she is now friends with .. Did you see this? 

The hardest part of love is letting go. And when a relation is over, it sometimes lasts a while to accept it, definitely when it is not your own will.
On the other side.. why should you want to continue to hurt yourself with searchng those people that let you down before?

*Why is it so difficult to say I'm sorry?
A good friend of me was befriended with someone, who called him his best friend. Until the moment that my friend picked up a conversation in what that 'best friend'  called him bad names and talked negative of him-
Of course that was the end of the friendship. 

But, the friends live in the same village, they share the same activities, so they meet.
Why is that 'ex friend'  preferring to say no word entire night, rather then saying to his 'ex friend', sorry that you heard that?

Everyone here in town knows that I dislike one person particularily. That person knows it as well, but we have mutual friends, so now and then we meet, and we can sit at the same table drinking and talking. When he starts to call me a friend, or to show how good we are together, I say that we are NOT friends and NEVER will be friends. And I add to it, that I don't want to ignore him. Why should I? We meet, and we greet, and further we let eachother in peace. :)

"Why have some people so much difficulties with telling the other the truth?
When you notice that someone is more then averaged intrested in you, that is, (s)he wants a relation, and you are not ready for it, why don't you just say that to the other?
Why do people prefer to let it go, consequently giving the others reason to think that they might succeed with their avances?
When you don't want too close contact, why are you then going 3, 4 times a week out with that person, and going to the same events together?  And then at the other side telling that you don't want to hurt him or her. Isn't that strange and in contradiction?

Don't you hurt that person, in the end, more, with being nicer to him then that you really want to be?  Not hurting him/her now might mean a bigger bang later.


Umm.. why am I writing this all?
Aha, on that question I know the answer.  It is because the people who are in situations as described above, are my friends.
I tell thim, streight and honest, when I do not like what they do.

I am not afraid of telling that I think that they should act different. Because I know that friendships  hold in that kind of disagreements.  Friendship means being honest. And the honesty is not only in wanting the best for the other, but as well in showing what you think that the best is.

I can tell the truth to my friends, without having to consider what to say and what not.
I not need to cry out loud how best mates we are. My friends know that I am. :)

Okay, so far the theory. I not always succeed in it, but I keep on trying, I NEVER give up.
I always give people a new chance, and sometimes that hurts more then before.
In the end I prefer to know that I did all that I could. Peace in my soul.

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