Freitag, 20. Mai 2016

Believe in yourself

I see you playing your game again
I saw it before, and was waiting for this
I am not sure you are aware
That we, both, before were there

You are running away
And for me that is fully okay
You try to get attention
By some that I do not mention

You say you will quit
I have heared it
It is like before
Nothing spectacular anymore

Maybe you call it a depression
Others will say it is a scream
A hello, love me session
As it always has been

You want to give up
But you cant
You want to go
But you won't

You are strangled in the rope
And it is you who has to cope
You will survive

And return, much more alive

I know it, and I am there
I will go with you, everywhere
But I won't be you
No matter what I do

Lean on me, if you can
Count on me
Sit at your ring
Hear me sing

Believe in yourself
And in nobody else

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