Samstag, 22. Juli 2017

Random thoughts, chapter .1.273.475

I think everyone should know what (s)he posts at internet, in the social media. And that is exactly what is happening. Good!


when people are so excited about their hoolidays, that they need to post photos about the preparations, the turning back, and of course many, many photos about their trip?  Or posting about 200 or more photos about a concert you went to?
It reminds me about an uncle that came to us, and we were always a bit afraid about the suitcase he carreid. If the black one was with him, it meant that we could watch dias/light photos for an evening. Uncle here, uncle there, uncle with flowers, flowers without uncle, unclee without flowers.. Help....

Luckily the computer has a scroll function, you can choose the own speed to get thrugh the information. And you not need to see it as well.  Who knows me a bit, knows that, when you act that way, that you can get silly reactions, in what I indirectly say, it is enough.  But when I really not want to see it, I just can skip it and keep my mouth (or fingers) shut.  Why should I take away the fun from the people who are so enthisastic?  Other then with Uncle G, we not need to see it.  And we not need to react as well.

Why are some people, who are married, posting 'word wisdoms'  on what is told how much they regret to be married?  Should that be fun, or is there another  reason behind it?   Definitely I have my thoughts when I see similar postings coming from both partners. 

Is it so that the social media are becoming the legal way of commuicate with each other?  So that you can sit together at the couch and then use Messengers to tell the other to f.. off?  (or the other way around, but that is rarely seen -until now-).

Shouldn't we use the social media as how it is meant?  It tells Social... not anti social.. 

 Respect each other. Make fun, and if a joke is not done, then tell the other about it. And if you want to say your partner somethng..  remember that it is always possible to speak with each other. Don't be scared to argue.  Love can handle that and, at the end (as my Auntie always said, there is a way to make it all good again. And that is not from the last 20 years, it works aas long as people live  :) 

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