Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017

Freedom of ...

Freedom of speach is a very valueable thing.

Other then in America, where the orange president forces his party members to vote correctly, otherwise they can't go into holidays,,  we have freedom to say and vote what we want.

It seems that there are more and more people who want to say a thing, about anything, but it is not always clear why people make their comments.
Yes, I talk about photos again.  It seems that I am slowly reaching a category in what people notice my photos, and then find a reason to react.

Such as this photo, what I made with my mobile phone, and edited, just a tiny little bit, to get the clouds more dominant.
In a short time the photo is liked by over 200 people, and, even when I always say likes do not matter, it is still nice to see that so many people like the photo!

But, there are always people who find it necessary to say some negative about it.  And I do not mind a critical note, at all. But when the remark comes as an attempt to make the photo/posting a laugh, then I wonder why people do so. Then, be streight and say, hey, I think it is bullshite, disagree with the other 200 people because you know what you are talking about.

A (sick) joker gets always people who laugh with them.  But the only way that I value your comments is when they make sense. Even when I not agree, I still can respect you. But when you make a laugh out of me, I simply have no other reply then shrugging the soulders.

I think freedom of speech is a very good and valueable thing. However, it should not hurt some people to think before speaking (or writining).

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